Friday 15 November

7.40am – 8.15am

Working with Children and Dogs – Robert Fairhead

Fear Free Pets – Laura Ryder

Positive Paws Project – Brenda Calkin

12.40pm – 12.55pm

Effective Communication (TAGTeach) – Petra Edwards


Saturday 16 November

7.40am – 8.15am

Being a Breedist – Sarah Forge

Canine Behavioural School a force free training model – Kate Denman

Livestock Guardian Dogs – Erin Williams

12.40pm – 12.55pm

Responding to Stress: beyond flight, flight and freeze – Justin Palazzo-Orr


Sunday 17 November

7.40am – 8.15am

Reactivity Training : How to make it work – Kaye Hargeaves

Solving Separation Anxiety following four principles – Moira Hechenleitner Vergara

Fearful Fido – Petra Edwards

12.40pm – 12.55pm

Meaningful Choice Training – Sharon Louise Carroll